Research shows that effective feral hog control requires using a corral trap that catches ENTIRE sounders (family groups) at one time. We use a proven system that includes corral style traps designed to catch the entire sounder. We monitor each trap using a wireless cellular camera. Our traps utilize guillotine-style gates that are dropped via phone app, or in some cases, an ingenious netting that permits hogs to root underneath and become encircled by the net.

Studies by Auburn University show the key to successful feral hog control is a process. It involves conditioning the entire sounder to feed freely inside the trap before setting it in catch mode. For example, let’s say you identify 15 hogs in a sounder but you drop the gates with only 7 hogs inside the trap and 8 hogs still outside. The 8 outside will become trap wise. The intent is to leave no survivors. This technique is done in several phases:

Surveillance Phase: First step is to gather intel on the problem areas. We place bait and cellular cameras on spots with the most visible hog sign. The intent is to monitor hog activity for several weeks to identify the bait site with heaviest traffic, total # of sounders visiting the bait site, the total # of hogs in each sounder.

Conditioning Phase: The most active surveillance site is selected to become the actual trap site. At this point, all other baiting is stopped. A feeder is typically set up and programmed to feed daily. A cellular camera monitors the bait site. The intent is to condition entire sounders to feed at the trap site. If the trap is already in place, then gates are left open so that hogs get conditioned to feeding inside the corral. When cellular camera intel shows whole sounders visiting the bait site daily, then it is time to begin the trapping phase. If it is not already in place, a corral trap is setup directly over the bait site. At this point, we are ready to drop gates on the first sounder.

Trapping Phase: It is game on at this point. Cellular surveillance camera with motion sensor monitors the corral. The first hog to enter the trap triggers the motion sensor, which sends a text alert. We then watch it live via cell phone app to identify which sounder. Then it is a waiting game until every hog in that particular sounder has entered the trap. If there are 19 hogs in a particular sounder, then the gates get dropped only when all 19 are in the trap. When the person monitoring the trap is ready to drop the gates, all it takes is the push of a button on the phone app and BOOM…down go the gates instantly.

Five Rs Phase: The dirtiest job starts after the gates drop. Think of it as the five Rs. Return to the site. Remove the hogs. Rake up as much hog scat as possible. Reset trap gates. Refresh bait.


No problem. We sell Pig Brig, Game Changer, and Big Pig Panel traps. Each trap has its place and all three are built tough. These traps have to be tough to survive the torture that we put them through. Game Changer and Big Pig Panel are the best steel panel corral traps. All of our traps are monitored remotely via wireless cellular surveillance camera. Pig Brig is the ideal trap where mobility and portability are a must. A Pig Brig net style trap can be hauled in a pickup bed or side-by-side and is easily setup by one person. All three traps are Made in the USA!

The Game ChangerTM trap is beefy and ideal in spots where you intend to leave it for months at a time. Comes with its own trailer for transport and setup. Can be pulled by truck or UTV.

If you need a corral trap that is easy to transport and easy for one person to reset, then we recommend Big Pig PanelTM. Comes with its own trailer for transport by truck or UTV. Easy to haul into remote areas and easy to setup.

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Big Pig Panel Trap in Action
Watch what happens when the gates drop. It’s intense!