Founded in 1998 by Jerry deBin, Wildlife Cooperative is a wildlife management company that develops and operates exclusive members-only hunting/fishing leases across the Southeast and Midwest. Wildlife Co-Op members enjoy year-round access to a managed property for about the cost of one guided deer hunt with an outfitter. We also offer technical wildlife management consulting services to landowners who want to improve their land for recreational hunting.

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Jerry deBin has a BS Forestry from Stephen F. Austin State University, and an MS Wildlife Sciences from Auburn University. He is also a Certified Wildlife Biologist. He has worked as a quail plantation manager, forester, wildlife biologist, public affairs chief at AL Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, marketing director at Academy Sports & Outdoors, CEO at Callaway Farms Manufacturing, and owns two companies: Callaway Outdoors and Wildlife Cooperative.

Jerry helped shape Alabama public policy on hunting, served as  speechwriter to five Alabama Governors, and directed lobbying for a sporting goods industry PAC. He also is a consultant to private equity firms investing in the hunting, fishing and outdoors industry.

How does a Wildlife Cooperative lease work? After acquiring a new lease, a management plan is developed unique to that property. The lease manager determines total number of members for a given property. Candidates are then vetted until all membership slots are filled. Group chemistry is crucial. It is not enough to find hunters to fill member slots. We want the right members.

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It's a lifestyle; not a hobby

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