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Interested in joining a WILDLIFE CO-OP lease? Here are the next steps.

Click Apply to Join and complete the questionnaire. It is step one before we invite anyone to see one of our properties. We want to know about your integrity, your hunting experience, and your expectations in a hunting lease. Don’t take offense. We jokingly say, “Prepare to be vetted like the guy who wants to date our daughter.” We expect you to do the same.

Our team will review your application and follow up with a call. We may also request references. Did we mention our zero tolerance for drama? No squeaky wheels allowed. The squeaky wheel gets replaced. Assuming the two-way vetting process goes well and all parties think there is a good fit, then an invitation is extended to meet at the property.

Once you pass the vetting process…and we pass yours…then you will be offered a member slot immediately if a slot is vacant. If one is not open, then you will be placed on a waiting list for the next opening.

Be patient. Joining a WILDLIFE CO-OP lease is two-way vetting process. You check us while we check you. The right candidate appreciates it. Each applicant has experiences and expectations in a lease. Our goal is to find like-minded people of highest integrity whose experience and expectations match the management program for a given property. When we get that right, the rest tends to work smoothly.

Thanks for considering a membership in a WILDLIFE CO-OP lease property.

Jerry deBin, President
Wildlife Cooperative, LLC
801 Callaway Rd.
Rayle, GA 30660