Our properties ARE for the person who…

  • has high integrity.
  • wants a professionally managed property.
  • measures satisfaction by experiences, not by # tags filled.
  • gets along well with others. 
  • thinks long term; intends to stay in the lease for years.
  • wants a property with acres-per-member ratio at least 200:1 .
  • prefers tightly regulated hunting pressure.
  • has experience with quality deer management (QDM).
  • is all about legal ethical hunting; won’t tolerate game violations.
  • is more “giver” than “taker.” Helps improve the lease.
  • is known for doing his/her share of club work details.
  • is proficient at field judging bucks by age class.
  • sees a buck and reaches for binoculars; not bow/rifle.
  • is a stickler for hunting smart and hunting the wind.
  • pays dues on time every time.

Ready to pursue a potential membership?  Simply click here and complete the online application. Questions help us gauge your personal integrity, hunting experience, and expectations in a managed lease.

Our properties are NOT for the person who…

  • lacks integrity.
  • is an armchair biologist; self-appointed expert.
  • measures satisfaction by # of animals killed.
  • expects membership to extend to all family members
  • prefers to run the lease by committee or majority rule.
  • has a history of switching hunt clubs often.
  • would bring guests on every hunt.
  • would hunt it every week or stay more than a week at a time.
  • struggles to get along with others.
  • is more “taker” than “giver.” Contributes little. Takes much.
  • avoids club workdays but shows up in time to play.
  • cannot accurately age white-tailed bucks on the hoof.
  • sees a buck and reaches for bow/rifle; not binoculars.
  • believes scent control is unnecessary.
  • would secretly split a membership with another person.
  • has a history of paying dues late.

It's a lifestyle; not a hobby

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