Benefits of a Wildlife Co-Op Hunting Lease

  • Professionally managed. Backed by science.
  • No gimmicks. Just sound wildlife management principles and practices.
  • Operated on strict quality deer management goals.
  • Year-round access for about the cost of one guided hunt.
  • Higher quality. Lower pressure.
  • Acres-per-member ratio is 200:1 or better on most leases
  • No locals. You must live at least 1-hour from the property you’d like to join.
  • Cooperative atmosphere. Members work together to improve the property.
  • Sustainable. The longer we manage our leases, the better they get. We do not sublease.
  • Like-minded members. We recruit for this and we screen out the rest.
  • Drama-free. A squeaky wheel gets replaced!

What Makes a Wildlife Co-Op Property Unique?

WILDLIFE CO-OP leases are managed by a professional wildlife biologist. The property is our lease. We do not sublease. Each member is vetted and hand picked to join our lease. Our leases are managed for more land, fewer people, and strictly regulated harvest. A Certified Wildlife Biologist tailors a management plan based on sound wildlife management principles and practices. Each lease operates under written operating rules that each member commits in writing to uphold.

Maybe you have seen firsthand what happens when a group leases a property and then overruns it with too many hunters who kill more game than can be sustained. We call it burning the furniture to stay warm. Each WILDLIFE CO-OP lease avoids that trap by maintaining a high acres-per-member ratio. Target is >200:1 in the Southern states properties and >800:1 in Midwestern states.

After a new property is leased and a wildlife management plan in place, then we accept membership applications. The vetting process separates us from just another hunt club. We screen for like-minded members with high integrity. Successful member recruitment is about finding the RIGHT member; not just any member.

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