Questions about our wildlife management services or a specific lease property? We’d like to hear from you. Click Contact Us.

Want to pursue a membership in one of our premium hunting leases? Great! Here’s how it works.

First, you initiate the process by clicking Apply to Join and completing the questionnaire. Nothing overly formal. It helps us learn about your personal integrity, hunting experience, and expectations in a lease.

Second, we review your application and follow up by phone.  Assuming this goes well, then you are invited to meet at one of the properties.

Lastly, an applicant who passes the vetting process is then considered a viable candidate. You may be invited to join immediately if the property has a current opening. Or you may be placed on a waiting list for the next available opening.

Matching a member with a lease is a two-way process. The right candidate is just as interested in vetting us as we are interested in vetting you. Each hunter has unique hunting experiences and expectations in a lease. Our task is to find members whose experiences are similar, and whose expectations match what the property has to offer.

Don’t let the vetting process intimidate you. We screen candidates like the boy who wanted to date our daughter.

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