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Do you want information about membership in a Wildlife Cooperative lease? Do you need more details about a specific lease? Got questions? We’d like to hear from you.

Email and let us know your opinion of the ideal lease. For example, imagine that you joined a hunting lease and looked back after one year to evaluate the overall experience. What specific things would make it a total success in your opinion?

Matching a member with a lease is a two-way process. The right candidate is just as interested in vetting Wildlife Cooperative as we are interested in vetting you. Each hunter has personal expectations in a lease. Our task is to find members whose expectations are similar, and whose expectations closely match what that lease has to offer.

Please take the time to let us know exactly what you expect in a quality lease. And don’t let all the vetting process bother you. We screen candidates like the boy who wanted to date our daughter.

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Quality land. Quality members. Quality experiences.