Benefits of a Wildlife Co-Op Hunting Lease

  • Managed by one person – a Certified Wildlife Biologist
  • Based on sound wildlife management principles/practices
  • All properties on upper end QDM program
  • Year-round access for about the cost of a guided hunt
  • Generous acres-per-member ratio. Ranges from 200:1 to 300:1
  • Strict operating rules
  • No locals. Members must live >1-hour from the property.
  • Cooperative attitude. We work together to continually improve the property.
  • Like-minded members. No drama. A squeaky wheel gets replaced, not lubed.

What Makes a Wildlife Cooperative Property Unique?

We lease large tracts with suitable habitat, good genetics, good neighbors, and history of low hunting pressure. A Certified Wildlife Biologist tailors a management program to that property’s unique features. The manager also sets the maximum number of members believed to be sustainable for that property. We maintain a generous acres:member ratio across all properties. Over 200:1 on our Southern properties and approaching 1,000:1 on our Midwest properties.

Once the lease and wildlife management plan are in place,  only then do we announce its availability and begin vetting candidates for membership. This is what separates a Wildlife Co-op property from just another hunt club. We bring together like-minded members of high integrity. Successful member recruitment is about finding the RIGHT member, not just any member.

Each property operates under a management plan based on sound wildlife management principles and practices. The lease manager prescribes habitat enhancement projects, collects and analyzes harvest data, sets sustainable harvest quotas, conducts nuisance animal control, and develops strict operating rules.

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It's our lifestyle; not our hobby