A Better Approach

⇒More acreage

⇒Fewer members

⇒Less pressure

⇒Zero drama

Wildlife Cooperative developed a better approach to organizing and managing hunting leases. It starts by securing long term lease on large tracts with good soils, quality habitat, quality genetics, and low hunting pressure. Next, a Certified Wildlife Biologist develops a detailed management program tailored to that property’s unique features. All our properties are intensively managed for high quality deer and upland game hunting.

After securing the land and developing a management plan, we then set out to recruit like-minded members. Vetting candidates is a slow process but absolutely necessary. Group chemistry is crucial. It is crucial to recruit the RIGHT member, not just any member.

Each property operates under a management plan based on sound wildlife management principles and practices. Wildlife Cooperative prescribes habitat enhancement projects, collects and analyzes harvest data, sets sustainable harvest quotas, conducts predator control, and develops strict operating rules. Click Our Properties to learn more about each lease and its unique features.

Quality land. Quality members. Quality experiences.