The Right Member

The Right Member…

  • has high integrity. Priority #1 is to find a member with integrity.
  • wants to be part of a professionally managed property.
  • measures satisfaction by the overall lease experience, not by the number of tags filled.
  • gets along well with others.
  • thinks long term; intends to stay in the lease for years.
  • wants maximum acres and minimal members. Our leases range from 1 member/300 acres to 1 member/700 acres.
  • prefers strictly limited hunting pressure.
  • has experience with quality deer management (QDM).
  • is firmly committed to legal ethical hunting; does not tolerate game violations.
  • is more “giver” than “taker.” Helps improve the lease.
  • upholds his/her part as a cooperating member.
  • is proficient at field judging white-tailed deer.
  • sees a buck and reaches for binoculars instead of bow/rifle.
  • is a stickler for hunting smart and hunting the wind.

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Our leases are NOT for the person who…

  • is willing to compromise his/her integrity.
  • is a self-appointed expert or armchair biologist.
  • measures satisfaction mostly by # of tags filled, not by the overall hunting experience.
  • prefers a lease run by committee or board where majority rules.
  • is a lease hopper with a history of switching clubs often.
  • would bring guests on every hunt.
  • fails to regulate his/her own hunting pressure.
  • would hunt it every week or stay more than a week at a time.
  • has been convicted of poaching or other serious violation.
  • struggles to get along with others.
  • is more “taker” than “giver.” Contributes little. Takes much.
  • cannot accurately age white-tailed bucks on the hoof.
  • sees a buck and reaches for bow/rifle instead of binoculars.
  • believes scent control is unnecessary.

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Quality land. Quality members. Quality experiences.