Sample Rules

Hunting lease rules vary slightly for each property that we manage. Below is a sample from one lease.

MEMBERSHIP: Dues cover hunting rights, mineral supplements, lease insurance, and planting of cool season food plots. Member renews by paying 50% non-refundable deposit by Feb 28 and balance by Apr 30. If a member misses the deadline, the slot is promptly filled by someone else.

GUESTS: Member can bring one guest. Game killed by guest counts toward member’s quota. Use discretion. Guest unskilled at field judging bucks must sit with the member. Member must accompany guest onto the property and ensure rules are followed.

BUCK limit = 2/year. A shooter buck must a 4.5-year-old or older. If you choose to let a guest harvest one of your allotted bucks, then make certain the guest can field judge. If he/she cannot, then you must sit with them and be responsible for calling the shot.

DOE limit = 4/year.

GOBBLER limit = 2/year. No jakes! Guest and member must sign-in for the same area in turkey season.

CULL: Not allowed. Research confirms that culling cannot measurably improve genetics among free range herds.

HOGS: No limit. Know the law before you hunt. Some areas may be baited for hogs and designated as hog-only to avoid risk of deer baiting violations. The lease manager may also trap hogs as part of a nuisance animal control program.

ONE THAT GOT AWAY. It rarely happens but an unrecovered deer or turkey still counts toward your quota. If you shoot it and it runs away, flies away, falls but gets up, or leaves other evidence of being hit, then it counts as a kill.

SKIN IN THE GAME: Each new member pays a one-time initiation fee. Funds are used to buy equipment such as cameras and treestands that become property of the lease.

SIGN IN. Stands are first-come-first-served at time of the hunt. No signing in the night before. No signing in this morning for a stand you want to hunt this evening. Sign in for one stand. Sign out before going to another.

PARK-N-WALK: The goal is no vehicles in hunting areas during deer and turkey season. Exception: you can drive to retrieve a deer or fill feeders, but electric UTV is preferred even then. Use designated park & walk spots during deer and turkey season. This applies to all gas operated vehicles. No driving to the stand. Parking is mapped in a way to keep gas vehicles farthest from stands, and allow electric vehicles to park slightly closer to hunting areas. Use stealth when walking to/from a stand to minimize disturbance to the area.

SCOUTING & CAMERAS: To minimize disturbance, members must cease all scouting and trail camera operation during deer season. Do your part to minimize disturbance of deer feeding areas, bedding areas, and travel corridors. The only cameras allowed during deer season are those at official feed and mineral sites. Images from all cameras are shared with all members equally. The goal is to cooperate and not to compete.

DATA: Record data for each deer and turkey killed. Follow instructions in data harvest log to extract deer jawbone. Email the lease manager with close up digital photos of your kill along with pertinent details (hunter name, date, location, antler measurements, body weight, beard & spur length). Send these to the manager within 24 hours after the kill.

ROADS & FIELDS: Protect roads and fields from damage. No vehicles or ATVs in row crop fields or food plots. No driving on pastures or open fields during wet conditions. When retrieving a dead deer, drag it to the field edge and then load it.

TARGET SHOOTING: Target practice allowed June-Sept at the designated spot. No target shooting disturbance from start of deer season through end of turkey season.

SCENT CONTAINMENT: Hunt the wind! Pick a stand based on wind direction. Refer to the list of all stands and best wind for each. If the wind is bad for a stand, then don’t hunt it. Leave no trace you were ever at a stand. Take your empty water bottle, candy wrapper, whatever…with you when leaving the stand. Leave all stands clean! Latch the shooting house windows and door.

METHODS: Deer hunt only from a ground blind, shooting house, or elevated stand. No stalking. No deer drives. No walking areas to push deer. This is grounds for immediate forfeiture of membership.

LODGE: Members share a house located on the property. Practice good housekeeping. Replenish what you use. Repair what you break. Clean up after yourself. Leave the house clean at all times. No smoking. No pets.

CAMP ATMOSPHERE: Keep lodge and premises clean at all times. Make sure there is no trash visible. Not even a bottle cap on the ground. Store trash and take it with you when leaving. This is a family environment. Be considerate of those who don’t drink. Be discrete! This is a family environment. No foul language. Period.

WORK DAYS: Members are expected to contribute four full work days per year performing approved club work projects. Participation can include: (a) attending a scheduled work detail in person or, (b) paying for day labor that will be hired to work in your place or, (c) arranging your own work detail and laborers to complete projects. The lease manager will develop the list of approved projects with member input. This allows flexibility for members with very little free time to fit work projects into their schedule.

CAMERAS: Trail cameras are an asset when managed properly. Members can scout with their own cameras during off season. Members are expected to cooperate with the lease manager to strategically place cameras throughout the lease. The intent is to avoid disturbance that results when too many people operate cameras and check them too often.

FEED & MINERAL SITES: The lease manager will establish official deer census sites baited with feed, minerals and/or attractant and monitored by camera. This is an important tool for collecting deer census data and for building an inventory of bucks. The lease manager will map GPS coordinates of all mineral-camera sites. The lease manager will develop a schedule for checking each camera and posting photos for all members to share. There are no secrets and no “them vs. us” mentality.

LAWS & SAFETY: Know the game laws and abide by them. Practice safety at all times. Never drink alcohol and hunt later that same day – it is grounds for immediate forfeiture of membership. Violation of a game law may result in immediate forfeiture of membership without a refund. Concealing a game violation that occurs on the lease, whether committed by you or someone else, is grounds for immediate forfeiture of membership.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I agree to these terms and understand that violation may result in forfeiture of membership without refund.



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